Getting ready for the portuguese Sabe ou Não Sabe, Shine Iberia gave us the liberty of remaking the entire broadcast package and adapt it to the station’s needs while also preserving the original show’s identity. The show has been a success so far, clocking over 6 seasons and not showing signs of stopping any time soon.

We based our graphics on the Spanish version of the program but infused a more modern and minimalist tone throughout the whole broadcast package, while introducing rounded rectangle elements – a trademark from the channel’s visual identity.

  • WHEN

    2013 - 2016


    SHINE Iberia / RTP

  • WE DID

    Branding & Broadcast Graphics

"We brought this show to Portugal, adapting the Spanish version. The graphics were old fashion and needed to be designed to fit our time and reality but without losing the original spirit. The Indigent Studio did an amazing job creating them, fitting them with RTP’s look. During production, they worked the broadcast graphics according to our contents, always meeting our tight schedules and delivering the materials before our deadlines."

Rui Ávila, SHINE Iberia Portugal
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