Our Studio

A few words about who we are and what we do

We are an independent multimedia studio based in Lisbon.
Let us define yourself.

Our Vision
Composed by a collective of multi-disciplined creatives, at The Indigent Studio we are brought together by our love for design, motion graphics and interactivity. We keep in constant search of new experiences and creative challenges that need our unique touch.

We all feel attached to the process of creating media with deep meaning. It’s what drives us and makes us want to spend the rest of our lives crafting enriching content for other people.

In our studio, the creative juices are in a state of constant flow. Each member brings something different to the table and roles may vary and shift according to each project. One thing stays the same – every input is valid, every input matters.

Our Clients

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Our Team

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Persimmon Lover


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Sitcom Weirdo


Makes It Pretty


Works Nights


Chill Pilled