In the beginning of 2017, RTP asked for a full redesign of Brainstorm‘s graphics for its second season with a more minimal flat style.

We animated the entire redesigned line and we developed a brand new 2D intro to fit with the new style.

  • WHEN

    February 2017


    SP Entertainment / RTP

  • WE DID

    Broadcast Graphics

"Led by the talented Johnny Rodrigues, The Indigent Studio created the brand and broadcast package for the first original primetime quiz show in a generalist channel in Portugal. This is no small feat and it was accomplished with creativity, speed and efficacy! Indigent has a profound notion of all the necessary elements to complete a broadcast package for a tv show, which is very difficult to find in our current market! They were able to create a graphical identity that is both modern and innovative but that still respects the strict parameters of a quiz show format. Soon enough, we will be seeing foreign versions of Brainstorm using the same graphics which are integral to the show’s identity."

Piet-Hein Bakker, SP Entertainment
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