It burrowed deep into my mind, so much so that I started dreaming in its weird 2D logic of rotating platforms and constant twists to the formula. Like the severe landscapes it evokes, Munin is a worthy, starkly beautiful challenge.

Danielle Riendeau, Polygon

If you like to stimulate your brain muscle, Munin is a great way to do that. (…) I give Munin a 9/10. The game is pretty original with all of the complex puzzle games on the market right now. It gets a surprisingly large amount of praise from me.

Zachary Martinez,

A lot of love for mythic poetry and prose is present in Munin’s text, which is complemented by music and art that do a good job of evoking a sense of a Nordic world.

Britton Peele, Gamespot

I have nothing negative to say about this game. The difficulty is balanced, the graphics are nice and pleasing to look at, the music is calm and soothing, and the gameplay is pretty much spot on.

Jessica Brown, Gaming Goddess

Munin is a puzzle platformer which fuses Norse mythology with challenging logical spatial puzzles. By rotating portions of the environment, players will create bridges from pillars, turn walls into floors or open new passages.

Further gameplay elements like switches, moving environment or items influenced by physics add even more depth to the puzzles: boulders and debris will roll and fall, liquids like water or lava will flow and Norse runes will show the way to the raven’s lost feathers.

Munin features nine amazing worlds, 77 exciting levels and roughly 7 hours of enjoyable playtime.

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PUBLISHER: Daedalic Entertainment


PLATFORMS: PC, Mac, Linux & Tablets

RELEASED: July 10, 2014