A Caderneta do Panda

Virtual Reality Stickers in a Kids Show

“Facing the hard challenge of creating both brand and broadcast graphics for Caderneta do Panda, The Indigent Studio was up to the task, showing talent, versatility and a unusual capability to quickly adapt our feedback into their work.”Piet-Hein Bakker, SP Entertainment

After Código Panda‘s huge success, SP Entertainment doubled down on this new type of show and commissioned us to develop the brand, broadcast graphics and illustrations for what would become Caderneta do Panda.

Caderneta is a virtual reality show where kids play several games to earn virtual stickers. The team with the most stickers gets a chance to play a virtual reality game. The show also featured a complementary APP for kids to play the games at home.

We ended up illustrating more than 180 stickers along with developing the whole show’s identity, animation and graphics! It was a great success among kids and their parents!

WHEN: May & June 2017
CLIENT: SP Entertainment / Canal Panda
WE DID: Branding, Illustration & Broadcast Graphics