New Dueling Quiz Show Format

“Led by the talented Johnny Rodrigues, The Indigent Studio created the brand and broadcast package for the first original primetime quiz show in a generalist channel in Portugal. This is no small feat and it was accomplished with creativity, speed and efficacy! Indigent has a profound notion of all the necessary elements to complete a broadcast package for a tv show, which is very difficult to find in our current market! They were able to create a graphical identity that is both modern and innovative but that still respects the strict parameters of a quiz show format. Soon enough, we will be seeing foreign versions of Brainstorm using the same graphics which are integral to the show’s identity.”Piet-Hein Bakker, SP Entertainment

Once more, SP Entertainment requested our services for their brand new tv show format titled Brainstorm – a quiz show where two contestants duel it out for a daily prize.

We were asked to develop the show’s look and brand, made entirely from scratch. Basing ourselves in both BRAIN (synapses) and STORM (electricity, lightning) imagery, we finally came up with a look that pleased our clients after a couple of revisions.

The rest of the broadcast graphics followed along the electricity motto, with lightning running through the show’s several graphical pieces.

WHEN: September to December 2016
CLIENT: SP Entertainment / RTP
WE DID: Branding & Broadcast Package