Biggs Bosses

A portuguese youtuber variety show

“Facing the hard challenge of creating both brand and broadcast graphics for our Biggs Bosses youtuber show, The Indigent Studio was up to the task, showing talent, versatility and a unusual capability to quickly adapt our feedback into their work.”Piet-Hein Bakker, SP Entertainment

SP Entertainment once again came to us for professional branding and broadcast graphics for a new show they were making for Panda Biggs.

Titled Biggs Bosses, this show was aimed at an older kid audience, featuring several portuguese youtubers in a variety show format. With this concept in mind, we developed the whole show’s identity, animation and graphics.

The final result was a throwback to retro 80s style embedded with the modern internet sensibilities. Everyone loved it!

WHEN: November 2017
CLIENT: SP Entertainment / Panda Biggs
WE DID: Branding & Broadcast Package