A Game of Murder Developer Diary #0

On the Road to Gamescom

Oct 30, 2015/2/2/

In this diary, we dive back to the early inception of A Game of Murder and what we took to Gamescom 2015 in search for a publisher.

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Indies vs PewDiePie Post-Mortem

Meet Rockababy Airlines!

Nov 24, 2014/0/2/

And so it passed, a very successful game jam. I feel that this post needs to be, first and foremost, opened with a very sincere and heartfelt thanks to my fellow developers, who poured every last drop of their blood into making the deadline and believing in the absurdest (at best) idea of an airplane filled with screaming toddlers, left to their own bemusements.

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Indies Vs PewDiePie #1

Live from the very first 24 hours

Nov 21, 2014/0/0/

So here we are! We have joined forces with Ricardo Correia and the lovely Ana Maria Baptista and are currently taking on the much talked about Indies vs PewDiePie GameJam. The day is moving forward at a fast pace but we’ve already made some good progress and should have a small project ready for the deadline. See for yourselves…

Developer Diary

Munin Patch 1.3

Plus Additional Steam Features Released!

Jul 30, 2014/0/0/

We’re happy to announce that we released a patch for Munin fixing issues with the game and improving the gameplay a notch, based on the feedback we have been receiving from our players! Additionally, the update comes with the implementation of a bunch of features requested by our community, such as Steam Achievements, Controller Support and more. Check the changelog below for a more detailed view of the changes and additions.

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Munin Demo Available

A demo for Munin is now available on Steam!

Jul 1, 2014/0/0/

It’s time to puzzle your way through the world of Norse mythology! A demo comprised of 6 out of our 77 challenging levels from Munin is now available on Steam. Don’t wait any longer and try out the puzzling fun for yourself!

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